FrictionlessFrontend Feedback

The frontend QA process shouldn't be such a pain. Send precise, actionable feedback from your website directly to the tools you're already using.


Report issues without leaving your site

With BugCatcher, you can report bugs directly from your site and into your project management tool of choice.

Embed the BugCatcher widget

Copy and paste the JavaScript embed code for the BugCatcher widget on your staging site and begin reporting feedback.

  • Actionable feedback

    Every bug reported from BugCatcher will include a screenshot, a URL to the affected page, browser vendor and version, browser dimensions, and more.

  • Boost productivity

    Stop jumping between your site and a bunch of different apps to report feedback. Stay in your flow.

Integrate seamlessly

Create your project, connect BugCatcher to your project management tools, and start reporting.

  • Integrates with everything

    Integrate your project with any number external services, so your feedback always lands in the right place.

  • Custom triggers

    The heart of BugCatcher is the ability to not only integrate with multiple external tools, but to define when and why tickets are sent.

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Product updates and announcements from the BugCatcher team.

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