There's a better way to QA

The frontend QA process shouldn't be such a pain. Send precise, actionable feedback from your website directly to the tools you're already using.

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Boost your productivity

Bug reporting done right

With BugCatcher, you can report bugs directly from your site and have that feedback land in your project management tool of choice.

Integrate seamlessly

Create your project, connect BugCatcher to your project management tools, and start reporting.

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Stay in your flow

Stop jumping between your site and a bunch of different apps. Embed the BugCatcher widget on your staging site and begin reporting feedback.

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Actionable feedback

Everything you need to know

Bugs reported from the BugCatcher widget contain all the information your developers need to fix the issue.


Tickets always include information about the browser vendor and version.

Browser Dimensions

Know at which breakpoint an issue is expected to occur.


View a screenshot of the bug in action to help narrow down the issue.

Operating System

Find out if an issue is only occurring on a particular OS.

Issue URL

Every bug report contains a link to the page where the issue was found.


Include your own metadata to ensure you capture what you need. (COMING SOON)

Integrate with the tools you're already using.

More coming soon!

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