Opening up early access for BugCatcher

Posted by Jon Bellah on September 20, 2021

After months and months of work, we’re finally ready to open up BugCatcher for early access! Many of you have expressed interest in what we’ve been building and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you. We will be sending out invites to the first preview group on October 19.

During these first few weeks of early access, we are expecting there to be some rough edges here and there. Our primary focus will be on smoothing out those rough edges and ensuring that the setup and bug reporting process are as simple and straight forward as possible.

Overall, our goal with BugCatcher is to provide an easier way for teams to share feedback on web development. Our tool allows non-technical users to literally point and click on a webpage, write a description of what needs to be changed, then have that feedback go directly to the developers’ backlog. Of course, technical users can use it, too, and we’ve found it’s incredibly helpful for QA teams to use it during the QA process to point out bugs and other issues they find.

A lot of this magic happens with our integrations. Initially, we’ll be focusing on our GitHub and Jira Cloud integrations, but will be expanding outwards from there very soon. In fact, we’d love to get feedback from you to see what our next project management software integrations would be most beneficial to you.

BugCatcher was born out of that frustration we felt for more than a decade of trying to understand the feedback given on web projects we were building. Jon is a frontend developer (only one of his many talent areas), and Justin has been a creative, product manager and product owner throughout his career, so the amount of PowerPoint decks, Excel docs and Google Sheets passed back and forth with key stakeholders was enough to make us realize: there’s a much, much better way to QA.

We built BugCatcher for web developers and QA testers to help report bugs, but it also shines in that creative feedback process when sharing your staging site with a client or marketing team. There are, of course, likely many other use cases for BugCatcher, so we’re excited to hear from as many of you as possible so that we can make our app better and better.

If you’re interested in checking out BugCatcher for your team, let us know! We’d love to hear from you!

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